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Jack Jones T Shirts – Mens Designer Clothing

Thursday, 19 May 2016 04:02:44 Europe/London

Jack Jones T Shirts – Everything You Need To Know About The Popular Brand

Jack Jones T shirts are very popular in the UK. If you take a walk into any town centre, it is likely that you will spot a number of people that are wearing T-shirts from this brand. With that being said, in this post we are going to tell you a little bit more about Jack Jones and the mens designer clothing they sell.

Jack Jones first came onto the scene in 1991 when a store was opened in Norway. However, it had been introduced as a brand two years earlier, in 1989, by Bestseller. Bestseller is a Danish privately held clothing company, with 11 different brands, such as Vila, Vero Moda, and Outfitters Nation. The story behind the name of Jack & Jones is quite interesting. The original founders were called ‘Johnnie’ and ‘Jaak’. However, in order to appeal to a UK speaking market, their marketing manager informed them that they should call their business ‘Jack & Jones’. The company has grown to be exceptionally popular, and they now have more than 800 clothing stores around the world. The vast majority of these clothes are designed in Italy in the Bestseller factory. The style is relaxed casual wear with a modern edge, and it has been designed for men aged between 18 and 30 years old. If you are a fan of Formula 1, you will have no doubt noticed the logo of the company on Renault cars. Jack & Jones is actually the sponsor of Kevin Magnussen, a Danish racing driver who rides for Renault.

So, now you know a little bit more about Jack Jones, and if you are interested in purchasing Jack Jones T shirts, or any other type of garment, browse our website. We also have Guide London shirts and plenty of other brands available too.

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Guide London Shirts – Mens Designer Clothing

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 07:51:56 Europe/London

Guide London shirt

Guide London Shirts – Trends For Spring/Summer 2016

Guide London shirts, baggy trousers, the use of grey… there are some exciting trends ahead in the world of mens designer clothing. If you want to look your best during the spring/summer 2016 season, read on to discover what’s hot this year.

Grey – Typically during the warmer months, we see an explosion of different colours on the catwalk, including vibrant shades and even some pastels. However, this season, grey has dominated the runway. Of course, it is a colour we probably all already wear. However, it is all about how you wear it. You should use different patterns and shades at once to create an ensemble that is very much focused on texture.

Distressed jeans – Jeans with patches and rips have always been popular, but their popularity is set to go to new heights this year. You will also find a lot of bleached jeans on the market.

Baggy trousers – Not only do baggy trousers look great, but they are extremely comfortable too. Perfect for the warmer months! When we say baggy trousers, we are not merely referring to loungewear. In fact, the main way this was worn was with tailoring, and thus baggy trousers make an excellent choice if you are looking for a casual suit.

Green – Green is another colour that was dominant on the runway this year. If this colour feels a bit too brave for you, start with something simple, such as a green tie or a T-shirt; Jack Jones T shirts have some good options.

Fifties shirts – We are rolling back the clock this year when it comes to our choice of shirts, with fifties shirts being a key part of both the Louis Vuitton and Raf Simons runway shows. Guide London shirts come in various styles, with a great selection of patterned shirts available, and thus their range is a good place to start.

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Mens Designer Clothing – UK - Estilo Clothing

Monday, 16 May 2016 07:15:09 Europe/London

Mens Designer Clothing

Mens Designer Clothing – Buying Clothes For The Man In Your Life

Needless to say, there will come a time when you need to buy clothing for the man in your life, be it at Christmas, for a wedding you are both attending, or simply because you feel like treating him. But, buying clothing for someone isn’t always easy, which is why we have put together some top tips on buying mens designer clothing for your partner.

The first thing you need to do is discover the size of clothing your man wears. If you don’t know already, simply have a peak in his wardrobe when you get the chance. Look at a few items of clothing, as there is always the chance he may have one top in a smaller size to what he would usually get, for example. The next thing you need to do is consider the brand. Men tend to be more conscious about brands than women are, and thus it is important that you choose a brand they like. Colour selection is important too. If you notice that your partner wears a lot of neutral shades, don’t go searching for bright orange or yellow Jack Jones T shirts. Consider what your partner needs as well. If they are short on dress clothing or you are going to a formal event in the near future, consider Guide London shirts. At the same time, you need to think about what your partner has already got in their wardrobe, as you want the piece of clothing you purchase to match the clothing they already have, otherwise they won’t be able to wear it.

If you use the tips that have been provided in this post, you should have no trouble finding the ideal mens designer clothing for your loved one. Impress him by showing that you know his sense of style better than he does!

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Monday, 2 November 2015 11:51:18 Europe/London

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