Guide London Mens Shirt – The Curious Case Of The Buttons

Take a look at a Guide London mens shirt and you’ll see that the buttons are on the right. Have you ever wondered why Guide London, and all other clothing brands for that matter, position all their buttons on the right hand side, whereas on a women’s shirt, the buttons are on the left? Here are some of the most popular theories on the subject.

One of the most widely held views is that this tradition dates back to the days when wealthy gentlemen and women held very different roles in society and therefore had different expectations. Wealthy women relied much more on servants to dress them and, as today, the majority would have been right-handed. Having the buttons on the left of the garment would have been easier for a lady’s maid to manage. A rich gentleman was more likely to dress himself, therefore needed the buttons on the right. Another idea is that this custom, still found in mens designer clothing today, has more to do with traditional male roles including the fact that a man would have needed his right hand for his sword. Whatever the truth behind the story is, the tradition of men’s shirts having the buttons on the right continues to this day. There is one other thing you can be sure of, and that’s the quality of Guide London shirts. Whether you’re buying one of their range for a work or formal occasion or for wearing casually at weekends or at the pub, Guide London products are all made with the same high quality of materials and attention to detail, allowing you to look and feel stylish and comfortable all day, every day.

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