Guide London Mens Shirts – How Should You Wear Yours?

The modern shirt has been with us since the 1850s and while its shape, size and style may have changed, one thing about the shirt remains constant. The constant dilemma is the question of how you should wear your shirt. Should you tuck in your Guide London mens shirts or leave them outside of your trousers?

The way a man wears his shirt can say a lot about him; after all not many can get away with the half tucked in look that David Beckham has been known to sport. The answer to this age old question is apparently all to do with the way the bottom hem is made. The bottom hem of a man’s shirt is either flat or has tails. If the bottom of the shirt is flat, then wearing it untucked is the right thing to do. However, if the shirt has tails then wearing it untucked over your mens designer clothing is a fashion disaster waiting to happen. Sounds simple, but even here there are exceptions to the rule of how to wear your Guide London shirts. Basically if you are wearing a suit, or attending anything remotely formal, then no matter the type of hem, your shirt should be tucked in. And the shirt tucking issues don’t stop there. You then need to decide how to tuck in your shirt. Yes, there really are different shirt tucking methods. If you get it right then your shirt will stay in place all day and not need constant attention. A key element of getting it right is always remembering to put a belt on your trousers.

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