Guide London Polo Shirts – A Short History

The polo shirt has become an iconic piece of menswear, these days now seen everywhere from the boardroom to the night club. But polo shirts, such as Guide London polo shirts, did not start out as a piece of men’s fashion wear. Rather they were used, as the name suggests, for playing polo and other sports.

The polo shirt, also often called a golf or tennis shirt, was the brain child of Rene Lacoste, designed to overcome the problems of comfort and movement restriction experienced by the tennis players of his era. At that time, male tennis players were expected to wear tennis whites. These consisted of flannel trousers, a long-sleeved shirt and a tie. Even with the sleeves rolled up, movement was impaired. The short sleeved pique cotton shirt with buttoned placket and unstarched collar that would go on to make the shirt so recognisable was first worn by Lacoste in 1926. Even with the mass marketing that followed the shirt’s first appearance, it was still far from the item of mens designer clothing that it is today. It was first adopted by polo players in the 1930s. As its popularity grew, more designers added polo shirts to their men’s lines including Guide London. Guide London shirts, including the polo shirt and the rest of their menswear range, gained recognition from the fashion industry during the company’s first exhibitions in 1988. They are now sold through a number of retailers, including Estilo Clothing.

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