Guide London Shirts Sale – Find The Right Style For You

A shirt is more than just a piece of clothing: the style and fit of a shirt can say a lot about the wearer, particularly if you get it right. Before you head off to buy anything from the Guide London shirts sale take a look at what your shirt might be saying about you.

Shirts, like other items of mens designer clothing, have adapted and evolved over time. Buying a shirt is not just about finding one that fits, although a poor fitting shirt is always a fashion no go. It is also about creating the right statement about you. A classic fit shirt tends to place comfort above fashion and has a boxier shape than more fitted styles. It is the preferable style if you want freedom of movement and generally includes two vents in the back. The yoke of the shirt extends to the natural shoulder line and there is generous space in the sleeves as well as the body. A fit more commonly associated with Guide London shirts is the slim fit. As its name suggests, this fit sits closer to the body. Accentuated back darts and higher armholes stance provide the closer fit, without the shirt being skin tight. It is more commonly worn for casual events, but can be worn effectively for formal occasions depending on the material. If slim fit is not quite your style, but the classic cut is too stuffy, then look for a contemporary fit. It creates a half-way look with small back darts and slight tapering at the waist. Of course, if you are feeling very brave and confident in your shape, there is always the super slim fit, but it is exactly what its name suggests.

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