Guide London White Shirts – When Will Only A White Shirt Do?

A man’s shirt says a lot about who he is, and it doesn’t stop at just ensuring you are wearing a shirt at the appropriate times and places. The colour and pattern of your shirt is just as important. There are occasions when only a Guide London white shirt will hit the right note.

Most people are aware that a Black Tie event requires the male attendee to wear evening suit and tie. However, these types of formal occasions also usually require men to wear only white shirts. The same shirt rule should, unless specifically requested otherwise, be applied to funerals. Weddings are slightly different as the dress code will be set by the couple to be, and will be as dependent upon the setting and the weather as anything else. But, if formal dress is requested then your mens designer clothing should consist of a white shirt and dark suit. The colour of your shirt is just as important at work as it is at a formal occasion. There is a reason why office work is considered to be a white collar occupation, after all. While most work places do not set specific rules on the colour of the Guide London shirts you wear, there are some colours that will help you get noticed quicker and seen as more likely to be effective in the work place. Most important is to stay away from busy patterned shirts. Amongst other reasons, they can be very off-putting during meetings. If you choose to go with colour then go for block colour or at the most vertical stripes.

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