Guide Shirts London โ€“ Long Sleeves Verses Short Sleeves

When you are buying shirts for particular occasions such as a dinner date or for work, should you be considering short sleeves or long sleeves as the better option? Choosing the right Guide shirts London is about much more than comfort and getting it wrong could make a very poor impression.

Wearing mens designer clothing makes an impression on all those that see it. However, if you get your choice of sleeve length wrong on any occasion, the impression you make wonโ€™t be what you expect it to be. Choosing the right sleeve length in your Guide London shirts is as much about what you are wearing with your shirt as it is where you are wearing it. If you are looking for a work shirt, one of the key elements to consider is whether you will wear a tie or not. If you need to do so, then it is better to go with long sleeves. The main reason for this is that few short sleeve shirt and tie combinations work effectively. The same is true if you wear a jacket for work. When you take the jacket off, short sleeves tend to stand up away from the body and take away from the overall smartness of the attire. That is not to say that there is never a time for a short sleeve shirt. Office dress down days where ties and jackets are not expected are the perfect time to break out the short sleeves. Other occasions include casual events and evenings out. A short sleeved shirt is a great alternative to a t shirt if you want to dress up a pair of jeans.

You will find both long and short sleeved options within the Guide shirts London range available through Estilo Clothing. The range provides the right shirt for every occasion and can be paired with the trousers found on our site. To see the perfect attire for any occasion and enjoy quick delivery visit today.