Jack & Jones T Shirts – How Underwear Became Outerwear

The t shirt is such an integral element of most men’s wardrobes that it’s hard to believe that it is still a relatively new item of clothing. But Jack & Jones t shirts, like all t shirt brands, started life as men’s underwear and didn’t become fashion options until well into the 1950s.

The t shirt grew from an all in one garment worn by men to protect their more expensive outer clothing from sweat and thereby prolong its life. Traditionally made from wool or silk, these all in one items benefited greatly from the industrial revolution and the manufacturing of cotton. Not only was it softer and cooler, but also fitted better than its predecessors. During the 19th century, the now cotton underwear became a two piece and was often worn by dockers and miners along with trousers. This made difficult working conditions more bearable and gave ease of movement. The US Navy was next to embrace the undershirt in blue, quickly followed by other branches of the military. Where these men served in hotter climates, they would often remove their shirts and work in just the under garment. By the 1940s, more men were beginning to adopt the garment for work, and children were wearing them for play. The appearance of the t shirt with jeans on movie stars in the 1950s including James Dean and Marlon Brando soon took the t shirt to the height of mens designer clothing fashion, and advancements in screen printing and tailoring soon saw the birth of printed t shirts such as those offered by Jack Jones t shirts.

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