Jack And Jones T Shirts Sale – Getting The Right Size Clothing

A t shirt may be something that you throw on to go for a quiet drink with friends, but that’s no excuse to buy, or wear, one that doesn’t fit properly. The key to buying t shirts, including Jack and Jones t shirts sale items, is to know your measurements.

One store’s small size can be another’s medium, so it can be difficult when buying mens designer clothing brands online to know exactly what size you need. This is why it is important to know your measurements and to always consult a measurement guide before you purchase your Jack Jones t shirts. The measurements you need will depend on the type of clothing you are buying. For example, jeans will require you to measure your inside leg. For a formal shirt, you need your neck, chest and sleeve length to ensure that the item fits properly. A quick way to get your neck size is to measure around it about an inch below your Adam’s apple. To be sure that you can breathe in your shirt, place two fingers between your neck and the tape measure and then round the measurement up to the next half inch. Your sleeve length is the distance between the shoulder joint and the wrist bone. To measure your chest you should place the tape under your armpits so that it is around the fullest part of the chest. It is important to stand normally and not to pull the tape too tight. However, when buying a t shirt, sports or polo shirt you will only usually need the chest measurement to get the correct size. It is worth then considering the type of fit - slim, standard or loose – that will best suit your body frame.

Buying the right t shirt is easy when you shop with Estilo Clothing. All our Jack and Jones t shirts sale items for men can be compared against our measuring guide. The guide shows your measurements in both inches and centimetres to help you to choose the right size for you. See our current sale items, including accessories at