Jack And Jones T Shirts UK – Caring For Your T Shirts

Caring properly for your Jack and Jones t shirts UK will not only make them last longer, but will also mean they stay looking new for longer. Once a t shirt loses it shape and no longer holds its fit, or begins to fade, then it is time to consign it to use in the garden or around the house only.

As with any item of mens designer clothing, it is important to follow the washing instructions on each individual t shirt. If you wash them in water that is too hot, you risk them shrinking and the colours bleeding or fading. Use a fabric softener in with your wash to avoid unnecessary wrinkles and keep your Jack Jones t shirts feeling their best. Plain white t shirts, including polo shirts, should only be washed with other white items, rather than with multi colours. This minimises the risk of them becoming discoloured. It is also important to never overload your washing machine to ensure that your clothing is washed thoroughly. Check the label carefully before choosing to tumble dry your t shirt and remove as soon as it is dry. If you are going to line dry it, use plastic pegs, preferably without metal springs to reduce the risk of rust stains. Always dry them inside out and never place in direct sunlight as this will fade colours and cause yellowing of whites. Ironing may be a monotonous chore, but it is worth it to keep your t shirts looking their best. Iron on the reverse side or inside out, especially if they have a printed design, and always check that your iron is not too hot. To avoid creases after washing and ironing, place your t shirts on hangers, avoiding metal ones.

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