Jack Jones Long Sleeve T Shirts – Flexible Fashion

In the chillier spring or autumn months, a regular t shirt just doesn’t quite fit the bill. However, this is where Jack Jones long sleeve t shirts come in. Not only do they offer a bit more warmth without overheating you, but they also offer a wide array of flexible fashion options.

Layers are the perfect way to keep up with the UK’s very changeable weather conditions without having to compromise on the look of your mens designer clothing. A long sleeve t shirt can be added to almost any outfit to create a great layered look that is suitable for almost any occasion. The first idea you can try is to simply layer a crew neck long sleeve t shirt under a v neck one. If you choose either contrasting colours, or a bold colour and a neutral one, the two t shirt look works quite well. However, if you feel a bit restricted in this, why not try wearing one under short sleeve Jack Jones t shirts, or even polo shirts. For a young look, choose a graphic t shirt for the top layer and add light coloured relaxed jeans. For something a little less casual, you can add a more formal shirt over the long sleeve t shirt. If you are trying this look, you do need to ensure that the colours either blend or contrast, rather than clashing. If you are unsure then make one layer, at least, a neutral colour. You can take the same approach with a jacket as well, but avoid the more formal styles of jacket.

Estilo Clothing provide a range of short and Jack Jones long sleeve t shirts, with shirts and jackets that can easily be added to create your individual look. For more information on the items we stock contact us at or visit our website at