Jack Jones Mens T-shirts – How Are They Different To Women’s?

You may not realise it, but there are several difference between t shirts such as the Jack Jones mens t-shirts range and t-shirts that are made for women. While you may think that t-shirts are different simply in colour or style, they are actually tailored to meet the different body shapes of men and women.

In some items of mens designer clothing, it is very obvious to see how they differ from those made for a woman. The main difference on most clothing is that buttons and zip coverings are on different sides. However, the differences are not so obvious when it comes to Jack Jones t shirts; that is until you see the opposite sex in one. Men’s tend to be cut in a straight up and down shape with the shoulders sloping downward ever so slightly from the collar. Each sleeve then slopes down again at a slight angle. The theory behind the cut of a men’s t shirt is to provide comfort around the neck and shoulder area so that the rest of the body of the t shirt hangs correctly. The main difference with a women’s is that most are tailored to taper in slightly at the waist, following a woman’s natural shape. The area around the hips is likely to be slightly wider for much the same reason. Even on a slim fitting men’s t shirt this pinching in at the waist and flaring at the hips is not necessary as the bodily proportions do not change, the shirt just hugs the body closer.

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