Jack Jones Tops – How A Top Differs From A T Shirt

When are t shirts not t shirts? Easy, when they are Jack Jones tops. The difference may seem very small, but when you are looking for the perfect item of clothing that is less formal than a shirt but more so than a t shirt, it’s a very important difference.

The t shirt has only been accepted as a fashionable piece of menswear relatively recently. It was born out of the functional clothing worn by the manual labourer and is great for all kinds of casual meet ups. Generally, t shirts that are part of mens designer clothing lines are 100% casual and more often than not carry the designer’s name quite boldly. Graphic prints make Jack Jones t shirts really stand out from the crowd. However, there may be occasions when you can’t decide whether to wear a t shirt or a shirt. This is where the top comes in. Tops offer just a few additional features that put them in a different class to the t shirt. They are often made from mixed fibres, such as cotton and viscose. This mix helps the clothing to better hold its shape, giving it has a more fitted look in terms of the frame of the wearer. The mix can also often create a sturdier or thicker look to the fabric. Any designer name positioned on the item is less obvious, often limited to a small label on a side seam. In addition the garment may have features such as a more defined neck line, turned up sleeve cuffs or buttons added to the cuffs, all of which make it just that little bit more formal than the ‘t’.

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