London Guide Shirts – Why Material Matters

There is much more to your shirt than first meets the eye. Not only are shirts made from different materials, but that material is created from a range of different weaves. Well finished London Guide shirts will create the best first impressions. But you still need to choose the right shirt material for the right occasion.

How the material in your shirt is woven makes a huge difference to the style, purpose and longevity of your shirt. There are five main weave categories which can be found in all shirts, including Guide London shirts. Poplin fabric is created using an over and under weave pattern. The weave is created using very fine yarns and woven tightly to give a smooth finish. It is the weave that is found in a number of mens designer clothing and dress shirts. As well as formal occasions, the lightweight nature of the fabric makes it ideal for shirts worn in warmer climates. Oxford weave is created using more substantial and rougher yarns. The fabric is created using a basket weave and the end result is a shirt that is ideal for casual wear. The basket weave is often used in shirts that are patterned, as only the threads running in one direction are dyed. Pinpoint weave is best understood as being in the middle of the previous two. A basket weave is used, but with finer threads. The end result is a shirt that can be worn flexibly and is suitable for work and play. Twill weave uses a diagonal weave to create a soft heavier material that is wrinkle resistant; and finally herringbone weave creates a distinctive V-shape pattern in the material and is closely related to the twill weave.

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