Mens Designer Clothing: What Brands To Be On The Lookout For

Mens designer clothing can seem like a difficult thing to get right. All too often, we feel that the more expensive our clothes are, then the better we’ll look – not so. No matter what you dress in, you have to have attitude and confidence to look good. Undoubtedly, it is designer clothing that captures attitude and boosts confidence in men. Everybody wants to be fashionable. And the great thing is that designer gear can always be affordable, if you shop wisely, allowing you to buy more for your money. We’re going to list four of the top designer brands for men today – and tell you where you can buy their clothing affordably.

Bench And Jack Jones T Shirts

These two brands have been synonymous with men’s style over the past decade. Bench is a really innovative, international success story. It features a mish-mash of 1990s-esque BMX/skate culture and modern fashion trends. And despite Bench's distinctive, stylish look, their clothing still manages to retain the functionality and comfortability that has been a requirement for those who like to live life on the edge. It's for this reason that Bench has not forgotten its roots, continuing to focus on urban streetwear such as the 'hoodie' - which Bench was crucial in bringing into our cultural awareness. But then there’s also one other brand that has become synonymous with both youthful and high-quality designer wear: Jack & Jones. Known as Jack Jones for short, it’d be very rare to walk down any high street in the UK today without the presence of more than a few Jack Jones t shirts on your fellow male shoppers. Since the 1990s, it has surged forward by producing not only Jack Jones tops, but a full range of menswear of an exquisite quality that both caters and appeals to all ages.

Why Jack Jones T Shirts Are Top

What sets Jack & Jones apart from other brands is that they are not tied to just one style. They have a wide and varied collection of clothing brands such as vintage clothing, ‘premium’, ‘originals’, ‘core’ and tech (for comfort and usability). However, that striking Jack & Jones style and craftsmanship is always readily noticeable. Starting off by becoming one of the strongest jeans brands on the global market, Jack Jones has taken their quality to other areas of men’s clothing: including, of course, Jack and Jones mens t-shirts. Across all of the Jack and Jones collections, each with their own dedicated team working on designs, concepts and ideas for shirts, there’s a distinctive ‘washed out’ and vintage look – taking a leaf out of late 1960s and 1970s surfer/beach style t-shirts. But, of course, this company doesn’t just stop at Jack Jones t shirts. As one of Europe’s top and most prolific producers of menswear, their extensive range includes tank tops, swim shorts, hoodies, chinos, flip flops, trainers, jackets, beanies… the list is very long. And you don’t get that big without doing something right that appeals to the mass market. You can never go wrong with Jack & Jones’ stylish mens designer clothing.

French Connection And Guide London Shirts

While Bench and Jack & Jones both fit rather nicely with the word ‘youthful’, there are many men who want to capture the fashionable appeal of Bench and Jack & Jones, but with a more mature and classic look as well as feel. This is where iconic fashion items such as Guide London mens shirts and French Connection’s clothing ranges come into the fore. The French Connection was born in 1972 with its founders being intent on creating stylish clothing that was well-designed and with a fashionable appeal to men everywhere. Today, nobody would correct you if you claimed that the French Connection was synonymous with both ‘stylish’ and ‘well-designed’. While French Connection does innovate, it is the consistency, affordability and timelessness of its clothing which has made it, and continues to make it, such a well-known brand. At around the same time the French Connection was formed, another prominent men’s clothing brand was in its nascent period. Guide London first came about in 1988 – however, it has a real rags-to-riches story behind its now prominent name. Young but poor Isaac Benson borrowed £70 from his sister to buy clothing from a local wholesaler – selling them from his uncle’s shop on Sunday. Slowly and steadily, Isaac built a name and a reputation that would eventually lead to him producing Guide London shirts, trousers and even waistcoats.

Why Guide London Shirts Are A Must For Your Wardrobe

In 1979, Isaac set up his first clothing shop – Brute – and began to craft a clothing brand. And, in 1988, he set up the brand Guide London. Fast forward to eight years later and, after a personal visit from British royalty in the form of Princess Anne, Guide London was awarded the BKCEC British Apparel Export Award. It’s no surprise then that Isaac, and his sons Jack and Richard, have won over many people with their incredibly detailed clothing that blends together classic and modern designs and techniques to create an iconic look. Guide London shirts are very well revered across the UK, Ireland and even into Scandinavia. However, Guide also dabbles in other clothing products – even designing and producing stunning waistcoats that allow men to emphatically stand out from the crowd of suits. You’ll also find Guide have branched out into every facet of mens designer clothing: Guide London polo shirts, long sleeve shirts, trousers, blazers, shoes and much more. But while you are guaranteed quality from brands such as Guide London and Jack & Jones, are you guaranteed affordability? You are if you shop with the right store – and that store is Estilo Clothing.

For Your Mens Designer Clothing, Look No Further Than Estilo Clothing

Fashion changes – of that no-one is in doubt. But some mens designer clothing will always stay iconic – offering you both longevity and affordability. At Estilo Clothing, our collection of own brand, and other top brands, allows you to buy such clothing at extremely affordable prices. From shirts, to shorts, to shoes, to jackets and to even joggers – we’ve got your whole wardrobe covered at prices that everyone can afford. Come and see our collection at and we guarantee that you won’t regret it. Want to find out more? Use our ‘Contact Us’ form on the website, phone 01902 420514 or email